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I have created some wallpapers for your desktops. They are in my scrapbook section. Just click to make it large then right click and take it. I will make some more and if anyone has any requests for a wallpaper then let me know. Enjoy :XD:
Hi fellow Deviants. My name is John Graf and I live in Los Angeles California. I've been doing what I love most which is taking pictures for the good part of 20 years. The pictures I post in here are the newer stuff. I've always been so fascinated with the camera. This is my other site … I shoot I really like to have a good time. Maybe you can tell in most of my pictures the model looks pretty confortable in front of the camera. I try to really capture their personality as much as possible. I have the same people I shoot come back to me time and time again because they tell me they can be themselves. That really makes me feel good. I also love the Scraps section on this site. It's fun to dislpay some of my goofier stuff. I find most of the people on Deviantart are really talented....amazingly talented....! and it feels great to be a part of it all. I am not really very good expressing myself in journals and all that. I try to express myself through the pictures. I never get tired of shooting. I shoot at least something everyday...even if its just a tree or whatever. Just want to say thanks to all the talented writers,artists and photographers for sharing their heart and soul with everyone.  I learn alot from all of you. Keep on kickin butt because you all impress the crap out of me :XD: